The ease with which electronic files can be duplicated can cause challenges with versioning, particularly when working collaboratively. This was an administrative reality for busy accounting practice Zomersig Accounting Services, which operates in the Western Cape wine-making region. However, with the implementation of CQS SmartSync, the company has eliminated this source of frustration and given its team of professionals a productivity boost.

That’s according to Arend Neethling, manager at Zomersig Accounting Services. “Before migrating to SmartSync, the method was to simply copy CaseWare files from the server onto a laptop, work on the files, and then copy them back.”

The drawbacks to this approach include the inadvertent creation of multiple versions of the same files, resulting in the potential for confusion and hampering efficiency.

Lower bandwidth, multiple users

Neethling says the previous Caseware Working Papers deployment required substantial bandwidth which made it difficult to collaborate. “Even on a simple local network, only one person could work on a CaseWare file and enjoy good access speeds,” he remarks.

The introduction of SmartSync has solved most of these issues, Neethling says. “With a lower bandwidth requirement, multiple people can work on the same file on the same server with no slowdown.”

He adds that the introduction of uncapped internet is a further bonus, as most clients are more than happy to let visiting accountants or auditors use their connection.  “If a Sync copy is made before field work, a VPN connection can be employed to ensure that the server copy is always up to date.”

Not only does this eliminate the problem of versioning, but it also minimises the risk of lost work.

He has particular praise for the performance of SmartSync in dealing with the larger clients of his company which typically require collaboration within CaseWare Working Papers. “Collaboration on these tasks definitely saves time. Efficiency is also improved, as every person is able to work at the processing speed of his or her computer, whereas in the past, performance was limited by network bandwidth. Due to this, files requiring collaboration have almost zero slowdown.”

Indispensable for collaboration

Any accounting company that has collaborative work as part of its business processes would do well to consider SmartSync, Neethling believes.” Even the implementation is simple. Installing SmartSync is seamless and the only training required is a slight education of users to click a little tick mark when opening it. The software takes care of the rest.”

In short, he says “SmartSync has made things easier and has increased file fidelity.”



Onsite collaborative work at accounting firm Zomersig Accounting Services was hampered by high bandwidth requirements, necessitating a manual process copying of files from the server before visiting clients. This created problems with versioning and the potential for lost work as a result of incorrectly overwriting files.


With the implementation of CaseWare SmartSync, accounting professionals can work locally, while syncing remotely over a VPN connection. Low bandwidth requirements allow many individuals to collaborate, with work done remotely saved centrally.


Easy-to-use, SmartSync has enabled a gain in efficiency while reducing the frustration associated with versioning challenges.

“Before migrating to SmartSync, the method was to simply copy CaseWare files from the server onto a laptop, work on the files, and then copy them back.”

Arend Neethling