CQS Technology Holdings is passionate about making a contribution towards the upliftment of the community. As a responsible corporate citizen, the Company is continuously adapting its CSI strategies to make build important partnerships and make valuable contributions in areas that can truly impact on the lives of underprivileged people in the community.

This year the management and staff of CQS, in additional to the various charity drives that are held throughout the year, used the Mandela Day initiative to impact three charities that are close to their hearts. At Thusanani, CQS staff gave 67 minutes of their time to participate in a toy making session with all of the completed developmental toys being distributed to underprivileged nursery schools and child community centers in Gauteng .  At Bubbly’s Nursery school in Soweto, staff assisted in setting up a sandpit and shading in the children’s play area. They also assisted with the daily running of the school and spent time playing with and caring for the children. At the Afrika Tikkun Centre in Alexandra, staff focused of developing the library center for the benefit of all learners at this school.

All staff members who were unable to attend on this motivational day, due to work deadlines and commitments, donated and collected educational books, and toys that their team mates dropped off at the three initiatives .

CQS firmly believes that our assistance and support towards the charities is more than just something that occurs once a year. Our team of exceptional people have chosen to partner   with these NGOs through various avenues to achieve long term sustainability.

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