Individual Tax module

TaxWare: Individual Tax Module

The built-in tax calculator allows you to easily complete individual tax returns (ITR12) and then submit in bulk directly to eFiling

The individual tax module from TaxWare significantly streamlines the entire process and saves you time, reduces duplicate work and allow you to easily manage and track your submissions to eFiling. Now you can download all the information straight from eFiling, use the tax calculator to complete the tax return and then submit the approved tax return directly to eFiling in bulk. By using the individual tax module with TaxWare, you can reduce the time to complete your individual tax returns (ITR12) by almost half the time it usually takes.

Complete and submit individual tax returns in bulk directly to eFiling

Built-in Tax Calculator allows you to edit and review the tax return before submission and see the affect in real time

Easily manage and track the progress on your submissions


Major Benefits of the Individual Tax Module:

  • The entire individual tax return process is managed from one integrated system, there is no need to log into eFiling one by one to complete returns
  • The individual tax module lets you download all the ITR12 information, including IRP5s, directly from SARS before editing, reviewing and submitting it straight into eFiling.
  • Simply edit and review the tax calculation offline before submitting it in bulk on Efiling.
  • Stores a history of all tax returns in TaxWare TaxManagement
  • Store all supporting documentation i.e. medical aid and RA certificates, logbooks etc. directly in TaxWare for easy access when required.
  • Built-in workflow management allows management to review and approve the final tax return before submitting to SARS
  • The integrated tax calculator allows you to see the effects of changes in real time, before submitting. This eliminates the need for excel worksheets or other similar products used to determine an individual’s tax liability.
  • Easily manage and track the status of your eFiling submissions.
  • Once your return has been successfully submitted, download and store the SARS assessment directly into the system.