Corporate Tax Module

TaxWare: Corporate Tax Module

Completely unique to the market, the Corporate Tax Module leverages the technology of both CaseWare and TaxWare giving you a powerful integrated tax software solution.

The Corporate Tax Module streamlines the entire process of your company tax return from automating the ITR14 in CaseWare, then effortlessly integrating with TaxWare to submit Annual Returns directly into eFiling. Improved integration between your audit, accounting and tax departments means no duplication that cause unnecessary errors, increased efficiency and accuracy, which leads to better service to your clients.

  • Automates your company tax return (ITR14) based on financial statement information in CaseWare
  • The integrated tax solution reduces duplication and unnecessary errors and improves efficiency and accuracy
  • Electronically manage and store all schedules, correspondence and supporting documentation from clients and SARS

Corporate Tax Module Process


  • Permanent and temporary differences from the client’s trial balance will auto populate in the tax computation
  • Complete the rest of the tax calculation
  • CaseWare then completes the ITR14 and links the values of the tax calculation to the correct tax codes
  • Includes worksheet drill down
  • Calculates the full ITR14
  • Includes standard CQS tax schedules in excel


  • Seamlessly imports the Annual Tax Return into TaxWare
  • Request, edit, authorise and submit the Annual Tax Return to SARS via eFiling
  • Built in communication and reporting allows you to manage your submissions
  • Electronically store correspondence from SARS and supporting documentation