SecWare: Secretarial software

SecWare: Secretarial Software

SecWare Statutory Management desktop software takes care of statutory compliance for private companies, public companies, non-profit organisations, personal liability and state owned companies.

This database driven secretarial software automates all statutory forms (CoR’s) and correspondence including share certificates, resolutions, and the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI), all according the Companies Act and CIPC requirements.

SecWare is an essential tool for running a successful secretarial practice.


Major Benefits of SecWare:

  • The entity types include: Private company, public company, non-profit company, personal liability company and state owned company.
  • New Companies Act, 2008 forms Notice of Incorporation (NoI) and Memorandum of Incorporation (MoI) can be automatically generated.
  • Improves efficiency through powerful processing features while ensuring great client service with quicker turnaround time with consistent quality.
  • Allows you to avoid the bureaucratic clutter that makes secretarial work unprofitable.
  • Reduces the risk of non-compliance by guiding the user through key steps.
  • Saves time and money by automatically completing all CoR & MoI new forms and registers using existing information.
  • Maximises billing opportunities by tracking unbilled work.
  • Manages the lodgement process by tracking annual returns.
  • Reduces turnaround time for statutory requests by tracking the status of progress of forms.
  • Empowers staff to respond speedily and easily directly from SecWare.
  • Powerful reporting allows you quick access to information, such as share registers, conflict registers etc.



Key features of SecWare:

  • SecWare provides a global dashboard of the entire statutory practice on a single screen enabling you to stay in control of all statutory processes.
  • This dashboard view may also be filtered to provide customised views of individual clients. At a glance you can view due dates or the location of forms within the process.
  • Single client screen processing enables you to complete 99% of functions including form production, correspondence, reports and client management from one screen.
  • Processing matches user skills with different options for novices and power users.
  • Billing when integrated with CaseWare Time is fully automated against a flexible rate chart ensuring fast accurate billing without manual typing.



SecWare will take care of the following statutory requirements:

  • Automates completion of forms and correspondence from the database. No need to re-type any information
  • Reporting, tracking and submission of annual statutory returns
  • Automatic production of registers and reports to ensure statutory compliance
  • Automatic production of tailored correspondence to the Registrar and to clients
  • Assignment of tasks and generation of procedures including date setting staff allocation and measurement
  • Tracking the progress and status of forms to ensure deadlines are met and clients service is excellent
  • Performance of global processes, such as change of auditor or address
  • Share-related processes, such as buy-backs, transfers and allotments.