Each year, Accounting Today selects the best new technologies and tools for the accounting profession, and we are excited to announce that Confirmation.com’s new AR/AP Confirmation service was named the 2013 Top New Audit Product!

“Someday, computers and the Internet may completely displace the human auditor, but for now, they can only displace some of the human auditor’s more burdensome chores – as this year’s Top New Product in the Audit Tools Category proves. Confirmation.com’s new AR/AP Confirmation tool makes it infinitely easier for auditors to send out their confirmation requests. It includes a network of over a thousand validated companies, to whom auditors can send electronic invoice and balance confirmations, and also lets auditors send requests to other companies either electronically, or through a new paper fulfillment service,” Accounting Today’s review said.

Brian Fox, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Confirmation.com, appears on Fox Business to discuss the PFGBest scandal.