Company Values

Our Culture

When our founders Ashley and Rosh started CQS twenty years ago, the company’s culture essentially reflected their personalities and personal value systems.

CQS is still guided by these same values, but now that we have over 200 people and 12,000 users at more than 3000 clients, we need to be a little more explicit about what kind of company we want CQS to be. We want our staff, clients and broader communities to know exactly what we stand for, what’s expected of us and how we operate. And then we need to make sure that we do what we say.

This is what CQS Means to us

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Client Obsession
  • High Performance
  • People Matter
We’re always above board, even when no-one is watching

  • We are always honest, transparent and ethical
  • We are authentic and humble
  • We are fair in all our interactions
  • We are self-critical, admit mistakes and learn from them
  • We respect the individual

We don’t just play the game, we change it

  • We make great products
  • We invent things that matter
  • We are leaders in our space
  • We focus on long-term sustainability
  • We simplify and find better ways of doing things
  • We take risks to change the game
  • We are not complacent

We create raving fans

  • Everything we do is for our clients’ success
  • We over deliver
  • We build true partnerships with clients through crucial conversations
  • We dive deep into our chosen domains and solutions to become experts

We are passionate about winning

  • We work in teams because we believe that 1 + 1 = 3
  • We are self-motivated and aim high
  • We are disciplined and precise
  • We think and act fast
  • We get things right, a lot
  • We do what we say and are accountable for our actions
  • We take pride in our work
  • We are passionate, energetic and curious

We are not just a number

  • We embrace diversity and value individual contributions
  • We listen sincerely
  • We are empowered to create our own future and are passionate about individual growth
  • We recognise, appreciate, and reward success
  • We are inspired to make a difference


Our Culture Champions

Our culture champions are our leaders’ conscience and are voted in by their peers. By adopting an approach of quiet influence, they are the change agents that keep us aspiring to be better.

Culture Champions