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Growing a more profitable practice doesn’t have to mean you need to work longer hours or hire more people – it’s about choosing to work smarter.

CaseWare SAIPA was developed for this reason – to ensure practices can work smarter, faster – and still produce professional, accurate and compliant results. Better and faster than any spreadsheet solution, CaseWare automates the production of a full set of compliant financial statements, including all notes, accounting policies and lead schedules. It contains SAIPA approved content for working papers and our expert content providers always ensure you are up-to-date with the latest disclosure requirements for IFRS and IFRS for SME.

The CaseWare SAIPA Bundle

Our standard package for SAIPA registered members includes the following:

CaseWare license

The core engine, CaseWare Working Papers includes powerful document management and smart built-in automation that takes care of time consuming tasks like adjusting journal entries, leadsheets, formatting, notes and accounting policies.

CC, Sole Proprietors and Partnerships templates

These templates intergrate with CaseWare and allow you to draft fully compliant financial statements according to IFRS for SME for CC’s, Sole Proprietors and Partnerships. This process is entirely automated and they are always kept up-to-date with the latest compliance requirements.


CaseWare Connector lets you link information like the client profile, accounts, mappings and lead sheets in CaseWare with Excel or Word. Anything updated in the linked Excel or Word documents will be updated automatically in CaseWare, so you are always ensured of one version of the truth across all your documents.


As part of the package you get one free training course each year per license (CaseWare Fundamentals or Accelerator Training). We also have online training especially for our CaseWare SAIPA users as we know it’s not always an option to leave the office for extended periods. The training takes you from the most basic, right through to advanced functionalities – with a host of tips and tricks for improved efficiencies in-between.

Additional products

We have a variety of easy add-on products to the standard SAIPA bundle that can be purchased separately.

Additional financial statement templates

We have additional financial statement templates that can be used to automate the process and ensure your compliance. They include, PTY for SME, Body Corporates and Trusts.

Probe MMX Review

Probe MMX Review is a powerful, intuitive, automated solution which streamlines your entire review engagement. Compliance and control are taken care of so you can perform a fast, well-organised, paperless independent review Probe MMX Compilation.

Probe MMX Compilations

Probe Compilations assists compilers of financial statements and the methodology ensures that no vital steps in compiling annual financial statements and the methodology ensures that no vital steps in compiling annual financial statements are missed.

Corporate Tax Module

The Corporate Tax Module for CaseWare automates the production of the ITR14 for you by taking the relevant information from the financial statements and auto-populating it into the relevant fields in the ITR14 tax return template in CaseWare. This is obviously a massive time saver as you won’t need to recapture this information manually and because the form in CaseWare is a replica of the dynamic SARS ITR14 form, and includes built-in validation, you will have complete confidence about its accuracy.


Prepare professional monthly management reports much faster, and by eliminating the risk of errors associated with spreadsheets, you will avoid time consuming tasks like manual checking and data rework in your reporting. BizSuite automates the entire process, and uses the same mapping database you already have in CaseWare, which eliminates the duplication of any work and ensures that the monthly management reports will tie up accurately to the annual financial statements.

CaseWare Cloud

When combined with our Cloud solution, CaseWare becomes even more powerful. You can work from any location, on any device to manage client communications and data more securely. With CaseWare Cloud you don’t need to invest in a server or overhead IT costs and all your practice management tools are in one location. CaseWare Cloud comes with our free Time on the Go app which gives you the functionality to log time, and pull Time/Expense/WIP reports, from anywhere, on any device.

Payment options

We have flexible payment options to suit you. Take the SAIPA Bundle over 4, 6 or 12 months completely admin free.

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