CaseWare’s integrated solution for municipalities takes care of all your reporting challenges in one single solution. It automates the production of a full set of GRAP Financial Statements, and allows you to add a National Treasury Returns and Budget Formats module, as well as a Management Reporting tool to your solution which fully integrate with your CaseWare Financial Statements. And, because we work with a team of expert content providers, our software is always updated with complete, up-to-date compliance and disclosure requirements.

CaseWare has a proven track record of drastically reducing the time it takes to prepare Financial Statements including Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Financial Performance, Cash Flow Statement, Statement of Net Assets, all your notes, accounting policies and appendices. Besides your compliance and an increase in efficiency, CaseWare’s built-in validation immediately notifies you of discrepancies, improving your accuracy.

Key benefits of CaseWare|Municipalities

Including National Treasury Reporting and Budget Formats, and BizSuite, Management Reporting

  • Proven to reduce the time it takes to prepare Financial Statements. Allows for faster turnaround time year on year and reduced checking time
  • Automates the production of your lead schedules making preparation and review by your auditors easier
  • Eliminates duplication of work and you can get your reports up and running in no time

  • Expert content providers minimise your risk by ensuring up-to-date GRAP compliance
  • Ensures compliance with National Treasury

  • Built-in validation immediately notifies you of any discrepancies
  • Reconcile and balance all reports
  • Drill down into lead schedules to view the breakdown of figures
  • Automated lead schedules increases your accuracy and produces the highest quality Financial Statements