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Monthly Management Reports

When you buy CaseWare we include our easy add-on module the Connector. The name Connector does exactly that – it connects the financial data already in CaseWare to produce monthly management reports in either Excel or Word. You will be able to report on Actual, Budgets and Forecast figures, which can be relinked from existing reports or you can create new ones from scratch. Using Connector gives you the flexibility of Excel or Word, but you maintain the integrity and automation of CaseWare.

Why the Connector is the ultimate supporting tool for CaseWare:
  • Your annual financial statement numbers will tie up to your monthly management reports because you are using the same data set at all times
  • Your year end will be a lot less stressful as you would have been working on the same information that feeds your annual financial statements monthly
  • The powerful integration capabilities of this tool means that any changes made in CaseWare will immediately be reflected in your linked Excel or Word files