CaseWare Working Papers for Enterprise

CaseWare Working Papers for Corporates

Synonymous with automated Financial Statements for over 15 years, CaseWare has changed the way over 500000 companies globally prepare their Financial Statements.


The Ultimate Solution
CaseWare consolidates and prepares a full set of Annual Financial Statements according to IFRS and IFRS for SME, including Statement of Financial Position, Comprehensive Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flow, Statement of Changes in Equity, all notes, accounting policies and lead schedules.
Trusted Compliance
Our team of local and International content partners continually update the software in line with new legislation and guidelines which means that you are always assured of full compliance.
Reduced Risk and Greater Control
Eliminates the risk of errors and inconsistencies associated with using massive spreadsheets. A built-in validation process immediately brings any discrepancies to your attention.
Save time and Money
CaseWare dramatically reduces the time and frustration spent on drafting and preparation of Annual Financial Statements. Now you can give your auditors the information they require -in the correct format so there is no need for the auditors to re-work anything – with obvious cost benefits to your company.