GRAP methodology and theory

Overview of GRAP Methodology and Theory


If you are in need of a refresher on the theory and compliance of GRAP or would like to increase your understanding of GRAP this course is for you.


This course will provide a basic background to the methodology and theory of Generally Recognised Accounting Practise (GRAP) so that it creates a framework for the practical sessions to follow.

  • GRAP Framework
  • GRAP 1: Presentation of financial statements
  • GRAP 2:  Cash flow statement
  • GRAP 3:  Accounting policies, changes in estimates and errors
  • GRAP 9:  Revenue – exchange transactions
  • GRAP 12: Inventories
  • GRAP 13:  Leases
  • GRAP 14: Events after reporting date
  • GRAP 16: Investment property
  • GRAP 17: PPE
  • GRAP 18: Segment reporting
  • GRAP 19: Provisions
  • GRAP 20:  Related parties
  • GRAP 23: Revenue – non-exchange
  • GRAP 24: Presentation of budget information
  • GRAP 25: Employee benefits
  • GRAP 31: Intangible assets
  • GRAP 103: Heritage assets
  • GRAP 104: Financial instruments
  • GRAP 105 and 106: Transfer of functions between entities under and not under Common Control NEW
  • GRAP 109: Accounting by Principals and Agents NEW
  • Directive 11: Changes in the measurement bases following the initial adoption of the standards of GRAP
  • Directive 12: The Selection of an Appropriate reporting Framework by Public Entities NEW


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