Best practice tips for setting up a firm template:

Create your firm template on a new clean file. Format this file according to all your requirements and follow the steps below to package your new firm template.

  • Click on Tools | Templates



  • Click on Add



  • Browse to the file you wish to package (firm template), and select Open



  • Click on the Package button to proceed.

  • Select the file on the Templates screen and click on Package 



  • The Template Packager Wizard will appear

  • Click Next on the Welcome to the Template Packager Wizard dialogue

  • In the Create Template Package dialogue (as shown below), the following changes should be made:

    • For the Output file name, click on Browse to select the location to save the packaged template.  You will have to enter in a file name as well.

    • The Client File is automatically selected from the Template Dialogue selection

    • The Template Name should be entered.  Best Practice is to use your Firm Name and a firm version number e.g.‘CQS Tempalte_V1’



  • Click on Finish.  CaseWare will package the template and place the template install set in the Output File location.  This file will have a .cwp extension
  • Open and run the saved Package file to install your Firm template and all its components (this will include all Scripts, Libraries and HTML files needed).



  • If design mode changes were made, this will also be included when packaged, provided that these changes were made using the best practice methods as set out in the ‘FAQ – Best Practice for Configuring the Financials’.  If not these changes could be lost when ‘Packaged’
  • If additional configuration changes are made to the CQS master Template after being ‘Packaged’, this will need to be ‘Packaged’ again and re-distributed.  This is where a new version number for the Firm Template may arise.
  • When a new CQS template (higher build) is received, import the Firm Settings from the previously configured CQS master template so that these changes do not have to be re-done. Any Design Mode changes made in the before-mentioned template will have to be re-done and this can then be ‘Packaged’ as the new master.  This is another case where a new version number for the Firm Template may arise.