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What once took a day – now takes an hour!

With CaseWare BizSuite you can prepare professional monthly management reports much faster, and by eliminating the risk of errors associated with spreadsheets, you will avoid time consuming tasks like manual checking and data rework in your reporting. BizSuite automates the entire process, so now you will have the time to focus on adding value to your clients through interpreting the data rather than preparing it.

BizSuite works with CaseWare – and as it comes as a standard report pack – this means you can get started immediately without any lengthy and expensive customisation or development. What’s more, the integration of our products means that you will use the same mapping database you already have in CaseWare, which eliminates the duplication of any work and ensures that the monthly management reports will tie up accurately to the annual financial statements.


Intuitive navigation

Our intuitive design will help you perform functions quicker than before. It’s designed to guide you through the process of setting up and formatting reports, with functions and tasks presented in an easy to use format. What’s more, you can also see the effects of changing global report settings in real time.

CQS Technology

Detailed financial health check

BizSuite automatically includes items like EBIT, EBITDA and sections with respective notes as well as comprehensive notes for all other line items in the Statement of Financial Performance reports. Instead of the standard gross and net figures you expect to see in monthly management reports, this kind of extra information allows you to have a real view and give the right advice based on the financial health of a business.

CQS Technology

One visual view of the business

A host of standard graphs are included with the Statement of Financial Performance and Statement of Financial Position reports with the ability to edit or add your own graphs. This is key if you need to include results in any presentation format or want to have a quick snapshot view of how the business is tracking financially at any point in time.

CQS Technology

Ratio analysis and operational review reporting capability

Where graphs give you a visual snapshot of the financial information in your management reports, the Ratio analysis report provides further analysis into your financial data and allows you to evaluate various aspects of your company’s operating and financial performance such as its liquidity, profitability, efficiency and solvency. The trend of these ratios over time can be used to check whether they are improving or deteriorating. The Ratios and operational analysis report also contains non-financial sections allowing you to report on items such as Debtors ageing, Customer measures, Learning and Growth, Capex, Foreign exchange, Payroll and Stock. All of which can be automated via mapping too.

CQS Technology

Quick overview of other key features:

  • Supports multiple accounting software packages using our common mapping system
  • Powerful consolidation capabilities 
  • Departmental and aggregated reporting 
  • Multi-Period budget forecast and variance analysis 
  • Multi-currency reporting
  • Spreadsheet integration
  • View actual versus budgeted figures side-by-side, or compare a multitude of divisions, departments or even entities on one simple report
  • Drill down on any field in the reports
  • Expand and contract reports based on the data you want to see
  • Built-in PDF creator makes distribution of the pack easy and hassle-free
  • Set up / create journal entries that recur every month

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