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With over 20 years’ experience in the business of compliance, CaseWare has designed the ultimate solution to guide corporates in complying with the ever-changing IFRS regulations. Not only is your compliance dealt with, but we have also automated many of the traditional processes associated with the preparation of annual financial statements.

CaseWare’s Financial Statement template intelligently applies disclosure depending on your requirements.

As a contracted supplier of CaseWare Enterprise for the Bidvest Group, you are entitled to preferential rates when purchasing CaseWare and their financial statement templates.

100% Compliance and accuracy

Since you take the liability for your final financial statements, this does not only give you peace of mind that they are correct, but that you and your team have not spent unnecessary time researching new disclosure requirements and how to apply these in your financial statements.

Easier audits

CaseWare automatically keeps an audit trail, cutting down on auditing time and costs. Also, because CaseWare is used by 3 out of 4 Audit firms, you will be using the same system your auditors do, so now you can just hand over your CaseWare file and they will be able to start auditing with ease.

Prepare financial statements faster

With features like note-number cross-referencing, linkage between notes and statements and automatic rounding, you can prepare quality statements faster than ever before.

Tax Computation

The Corporate Tax Module is an easy add-on that seamlessly prepares your ITR14 tax return. The module imitates the dynamic nature of the SARS ITR14 by automatically adjusting and building the return, based on the questions answered and the information extracted from your financial statements in CaseWare.

“We have been using CaseWare for approximately 2 years and have found that it has sped up the processes involved with financial statements,” says Doidge.

“The software is more time efficient and the formatting is easy to understand and use. In fact, the use of customised templates has made a particular improvement to our processes. What’s more, all accounting standardisation updates are included and automatically updated on the system which has not only saved us invaluable time and energy, but ensures we are always 100% compliant with current standards. And if we have any issues or queries, CaseWare’s first line support and customer service is top-notch.”

Angie Doidge, GMG Trust Company

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