More than just a risk based audit approach, Probe MMX is a unique methodology that first defines your desired audit risk. It then takes you through a risk assessment process to calculate your risk of material misstatement and then guides you through the steps to ensure you achieve your desired audit risk.

Probe’s flexibility means that each engagement can be adjusted to suit the amount of risk that a firm is prepared to take.

Guaranteed Compliance
Guaranteed Compliance
Our dedicated research and development team boasts only the best content providers ensuring all audits comply with the latest local and international auditing and accounting standards as well as practice review requirements.

Integration with CaseWare
Integration with CaseWare
Integration with CaseWare means manual processing is automated such as draft financial statements, lead schedules, materiality calculation.

Additional Components

Probe MMX IFRS for SME
Probe MMX now makes it even easier for the auditor to ensure that the AFS are prepared in accordance with IFRS for SMEs by providing specific audit procedures to ensure that each line item is recognised and measured in terms of the specific section of IFRS for SME.
The Probe MMX IFRS add on is designed to assist the auditor to ensure that the recognition and measurement of each line item on the Annual Financial Statements is correct in accordance with IFRS.

Probe MMX IFRS also caters for the ever changing environment of IFRS by incorporating early adoption of changes in standards, our research team also keeps an eye on the ball for future development requirements due to further changes within the standards.
Probe MMX Premium
Probe MMX Premium takes your engagement to the next level with more automation, increased efficiency and guidance on standards.

Premium includes an automated Report to Management and those charged with Governance.

All weaknesses, implications and recommendations documented throughout the engagement will automatically build the report to Management which the user can customise.

Premium also provides additional Manager Checklists such as demonstrating that the objectives in the International Standards on Auditing have been achieved.

Premium users can also import risks, controls and management letter points from CaseWare RiskSpace into their engagement files.

CaseWare® RiskSpace is an online community that provides content to assist you while you are documenting risks, controls and management letter points.
This will not only save you time typing, but will also ensure that the correct spelling and grammar are used.