ACL Revolution

Be part of the Revolution

A quarter century ago, ACL revolutionised the way audit professionals analysed data. At this event you will learn how ACL once again are leading an audit, risk and compliance revolution.

It is huge. It will change how you do your work. You will want to be there when it begins.

Whether you are involved with audit, risk, compliance or finance, we will transform the value you bring to your organisation. We will educate you, entertain you and inspire you.

All of the presentations are available for download. If you would like one of our energetic account managers to come through and show you some of the features and benefits of the technology, contact us.

Welcome to the Revolution

Philip Tillman
Managing Director
CQS GRC Solutions

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Supporting Business Through Data Analysis

Werner Theart
Internal Audit Manager

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Transforming from Audit to Tax using ACL

Matthew Besanko
Associate Director

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Implementing Continuous Monitoring in a Post Go-Live SAP Environment

Louis Herman
Internal Audit

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